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Day 186: A cow will die piece by piece to become your hamburger. Please read.

June 25, 2012

“Victims are prodded into the killing stall with a high voltage electric prod. According to a visitor to a slaughterhouse, the cows are fully aware of what lies ahead. The physical symptoms of terror were painfully evident on the faces of every animal. During the 40 seconds to a minute that each animal had to wait in the killing stall before losing consciousness, the terror became visibly more intense. The animal could smell the blood, and see his or her former companions in various stages of dismemberment”. Cows too sick or injured to stand are known as downers. They may be dragged with chains to the killing floor, or left to die without food or water.”
~By law, cows must be stunned before slaughter by having their skulls smashed with a metal bolt. But the procedure is imprecise and workers are under constant pressure to keep up the speed of the production line. As a result, many cows are still conscious when they are hoisted by a hind leg, breaking bones and tearing ligaments in the process, and their throats are cut and dismemberment begins. In the words of a former slaughterhouse worker; “On bad days, dozens of animals reached my station clearly alive and conscious. Some would survive as far as the tail cutter, the belly ripper, the hide puller. “They die piece by piece.”  ~ C A L F

Please stop eating cows.  It isn’t just good for the cow.  It is good for you too.  Red meat is not healthy.  There is no reason for humans to eat it.

Happy eating!

  1. Adan permalink

    This upsets me beyond words and is one of the million reasons I don’t eat cows, and tge people who should read this don’t/ won’t and some sadly wouldn’t care!

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