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God says we can eat animals – my thoughts on this

January 27, 2013

God says we can eat animals.

It’s in the Bible.  Humans have dominion over animals.

Yes that is in the Bible.

However there are many other things in the Bible that no one would say is ok.  If you tell me, well those things have been misinterpreted then isn’t it possible that any part of the Bible may be subject to misinterpretation?

You may say some scriptures have been misinterpreted and others not.  Some are out of context and some are not.  Ask yourself why.  Why do you accept some scripture and reject others?  If faith is your answer then ask yourself why faith is your answer.

If faith is your answer then please visit YouTube and search dairy industry or egg industry or pork industry or meat industry.  I am only asking for 60 seconds of your time.  Less time than it took you to read this far, just watch 15 seconds per video.

In many countries it is common to eat dogs or cats.  Just search YouTube for dog China.

Is faith still your answer?

There are many facets to human psychology.  We can allow these facets to control the way we think.  Or we can override them and take control of how we think.

Cognitive dissonance and confirmational bias:  the first is how uncomfortable you feel when watching those videos.  Because you know it is wrong and goes against your belief system.  Most people will resolve their discomfort with confirmational bias.  This is when you amend your belief system to justify your actions because no one can stand to feel uncomfortable for very long.  It goes something like this:

I don’t believe in abuse.  But it’s not me doing the actual abuse.  There isn’t anything I can do to stop it anyway.  And besides, those videos might just be isolated circumstances.  It’s ok for me to eat ‘meat’.  They’re only animals.

That is confirmational bias.  This is amending your beliefs so that you can continue to believe that you are not ok with animal abuse while continuing to eat the very animals that come from these abusive circumstances.

When your beliefs do not need any amendment to justify your actions you have finally harmonized who you believe you are with who you really are.

So who are you?  I am not asking you what you believe.  I am asking you what you do.  Because what you do is who you are.  Beliefs benefit only you.  They are inside.  They make us feel good.  But they only make US feel good.  They are of no benefit to anyone else.  When you act on those beliefs is when they come to life and are of benefit to someone other than yourself.

As I passed by the Pro Life protesters and asked them if they did partake in the eating of animals and therefore the death of animals their response to me was that animals have no souls and therefore do not enter into Heaven.  This is what makes it ok.

I ask you if this is true, if this then is the only possible life that creature may ever know if they have no soul and therefore no chance at all for an afterlife or any other life, then doesn’t that make it a million times worse to deny them the only chance they would ever live, love, breathe, and bask in the glory of living?

If you happened to search YouTube for ‘dog China’ the images of the videos alone were probably enough to make you upset.  A farmed animal is as intelligent and emotional as a dog.  They feel just as much pain.  There is no difference.

Ask yourself why thinking of a dog in this way is so upsetting but not a farmed animal?  Is there really any difference at all?  Is there any possibility that confirmational bias has anything to do with someone justifying what happens to a farmed animal?

Everyone knows that there are scriptures in the Bible where God says it’s ok to do something that is horrible.  Samuel 15: 2,3 is one of many examples.  Could it be that confirmational bias allows a person to explain those scriptures away so that they can continue to feel good about the parts of the Bible that do align with their belief system?  Is that passage out of context?  Misinterpreted?  Or is it ok for God to have wrath since he created everything?  They deserved it?  It had to happen?

How will you amend the Bible to fit with your beliefs?

How will you amend your beliefs to fit with your actions?

Or . . . .

How will you amend your actions to fit your beliefs?  To fit who you really are?

You are beautiful, caring and kind in your beliefs. This makes you very important to me my friend.

I believe in you.

Peace ❤

  1. Lorana permalink

    This is wonderful, I am uncomfortable reading it as I realize my actions and beliefs are not synch! I have a lot of thinking to do!

  2. Dear Lorana I felt the same way about a year ago. I was distressed but at the same time I was filled with joy because for the first time in my life I realized exactly where the road to peace was. It was like I had always wanted to go there, but all I had was a compass but no real map. Suddenly I had the map! I began my journey one step at a time. And here I am with more steps yet to take but I must say it has been the most wonderful and rewarding walk of my life! Peace and love to you my friend!!!

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