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Myth: Hunters control overpopulation

February 9, 2013

#6 Hunting is good because it controls overpopulation.  There would be more animals than food for them and they would starve to death.

I had a conversation with someone about this and I was startled by their responses:

Me:  So what you are saying is that to prevent a deer from starving to death the best response is to shoot it in the head?

Girl:  Yes

Me:  Would the deer agree with you?

Girl:  I know that if I were starving that’s what I would want.  I would prefer that to starving.

Me:  Ok, but the deer isn’t even starving yet.  It’s not suffering at all at the time of the kill.  In fact hunters don’t look for starving deer.  They only shoot the healthy ones.  That aside, if the deer were hungry or let’s say if you were hungry and there were two options:  hope that you may eventually find food or take a bullet to the head are you telling me you would choose a bullet?

Girl:  I will take the bullet.

She was so unwilling to see from the point of view of the deer that she actually insisted she preferred to be murdered.  I believe if she were hungry and I were to stroll up to her with a shotgun in my hand and point it at her forehead that in that moment the thought of being murdered would not be preferential to the thought of the possibility of survival and food.


I love to travel and camp. I never see any animals. A few birds or squirrels. It is a treat if we see something more.  Take a 100 mile drive sometime.  How many animals do you see?  Does it seem there is an overpopulation of animals?  Did you see any animals at all on your trip?

Overpopulation is based on human anthropocentric opinion.  We feel we are the most important.  The deer do not think they are overpopulated.  In fact, according to them, human overpopulation is the problem.  Prior to our arrival the deer were doing just fine.  In fact all animals do just fine on their own.  Humans do not need to intervene on an animal’s behalf.  Animals don’t need any of the things that humans seem to need in order to live.  They can live outdoors in every kind of weather with no tent, RV, sleeping bag, fire, money, house, car, fuel, furnace, air conditioner, coolers, ice, refrigerator, stove, grocery store, hospital, doctor, fire fighter,farmer, police officer, etc. etc. etc.  Animals are 100% self sufficient and can live in the wild without any support whatsoever.  Humans can no longer claim this very special and wonderful relationship with the natural world.

Who are we to come along and say hey, you need us to help you.  Here, let me put this bullet through your brain.

This so called intervention is not for the benefit of the animal.  It’s time to be honest.  It is for the benefit of the human.  The human wants to eat the flesh even though the eating of flesh is not necessary and the human is not hungry. The human wants to place the decapitated head on the wall to decorate their house.  The human wants to win a prize.  The human wants to have fun.  All of this at the expense of a healthy animal that nature has selected to live, human selects to die.  Humans are at odds with nature.  No animal needs to be killed for overpopulation anymore than a human needs to be killed for overpopulation.  Mother Nature has a system in place that employs a natural circle of life.  When there is not a enough food, the stronger survive.  This is as nature intended.  The hunting of deer take out the strong and leave the weak, the old, and the children behind.

Overpopulation is a matter of opinion.  It is normal to believe that it is not ‘you’ that is the problem.  It is always the fault of someone or something else.  This line of thinking will work out very well for you until someone else feels you are a problem to be eliminated.  Do not wait for that moment to understand that this way of thinking is flawed.  By then it will be too late.  Only when we have empathy for others and understand that what is best for us is what is best for them can we truly protect ourselves.  When everyone walks around believing that it does not matter what happens to others so long as it is best for us we help continue a system that uses violence as the acceptable way of benefiting the self.  You don’t want to be on the receiving end of this way of thinking.  But you are more likely to as long as everyone engages in this thought.  It is estimated that 150,000,000 people have been killed by genocide.  This line of thinking is directly related to these atrocities.  As for the natural world, when we engage in this line of thinking we destroy rain forests, we drop nuclear bombs, we poison our water, we harm our environment and as a result we harm ourselves.

Is killing one deer as bad as all that?  Yes, to the deer it is.  The ability to understand this is called empathy.

Understanding that even if you do not believe it is going to harm you or the environment and nothing bad will ever happen as the result of hunting deer, or other animals, understanding that to that animal it was their life taken, to them it was an act of violence, a murder, a tragic loss of a mother, father, brother, sister.  Understand that what the deer feels, you would feel.  What benefits the animal benefits you the most by taking harm out of this world and putting in its place the very compassion that you seek for yourself.

A bullet is never the right answer to a problem.  Especially when that ‘problem’ is an innocent creature who has never caused you any harm.

There are other ways to solve problems.  And I think you would agree if a gun were pointed at your head.


  1. You are so amusing.
    Not because the subject is light (the subject needs light), but because of your optimism and conviction.
    Thank you for being drastic.
    There are enough ordinary people in this world.

  2. Thank you and thank you for your comment bluffbear! It always makes my day to hear from someone. You are important to me!

  3. vegan permalink

    Defense is gud

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