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Animals taught me love and forgiveness

March 18, 2013

What does veganism mean to you?


For me it is an attitude of compassion, empathy and respect for life. I do not pick and choose for whom I have these feelings for, for I feel it for all living things. Even those who would eat animals, who would joke, poke or prod me or be unkind to me simply because I eat a vegan diet. I take my example from the abused farm animals themselves who have been rescued from their life of abuse and torture. Despite all of the brutality they have suffered at the hands of humans, they still love unconditionally. They do not seek revenge nor hold a grudge. They never give up hope. They allow me, a human that they should have learned to hate, to approach them and share a space with them, a moment with them and they allow this despite their past, despite the fact that they could trample me with their massive weight or bite me or kick me. They could, but they never do. The animals we eat do not wage wars, take prisoners or hostages, or ever seek revenge for the injustice done to them. They are gentle teachers of the ultimate forgiveness. We can learn a lot from them. But how can we if they are only thought of as food and not as what they really are. . . a thinking, living, breathing, loving, selfless, kind creature who would never harm you or any other creature here on earth. To those who think it is funny to joke about these animals or who make cruel statements I have learned from those very animals to embrace and love you. . . and to never give up hope. This, for me, is what veganism is all about.

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