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Myth: All Vegans Are Angry

March 28, 2013

Please click here to read about love and kindness and why this is not a passive approach, nor is it a sit back and do nothing approach.

There are many different kinds of vegans.  In every group we have a few who have caused the rest of the group to be stereotyped in a negative way by the more outrageous or ‘newsworthy’ actions of the few.  Peaceful kind people rarely make headlines.  Yet they often represent the majority of any group.  And therefore the majority of any group are stereotyped by the negative actions of the minority within that group.

And this is why people think that all vegans are angry.

The truth is a few people are angry, rude, callous, harsh.  These people may eat a vegan diet.  They may be animal rights activists.  They may call themselves vegan.  But they do not represent me or the majority of vegans who are peaceful and loving.  The angry vegans just get all of the attention and cause all of us to be perceived in the same way.

Can you be cruel and angry and also be vegan?  Is this an oxymoron?

There are people who believe that if they eat a vegan diet and are cruel to those that do not eat a vegan diet that this makes them vegan.  If someone is cruel, for any reason at all, the fact is they are being cruel.  And the words cruel and vegan do not fit together.  Cruelty is the opposite of veganism.   Cruelty towards any living being should not be tolerated.  The angry vegan is not representative of all vegans and yet I am forced to endure that representation for it is the current common perception of the other 99% (vegans making up only 1% of the world population).

I would like to write a letter to my wonderful angry vegan friends.  Know that I love you.  It is my hope that you will not only love me too, but every living being as well.


Dear angry vegan,

Every day I encounter others in the world whose opinion about vegans is that we are all angry. We call people who would eat animals terrible names. We wish for people who are not vegan to be treated like the factory farm animals. We think people who eat animals should have their throats slit just like the animals. We make them feel inferior and come off as we are superior. We call them trolls. We throw verbal stones with anger. We vegans are terrible people who care only about animals and not about people. Vegans are a cult who care nothing about the world, only about their diet.

Angry vegan, you are hurting me. You are giving me a bad name.  One vegan causing another vegan to be stereotyped as angry, horrible, uncaring, demented or cruel is a hardship I am forced to overcome.  Cruel is the opposite of vegan.

For as long as there are angry vegans I will be stoned. And it is you, angry vegan, who cast those stones upon me. You use the hands of animal eaters to wield them at me.

Please do not fraternize with cruelty angry vegan. For cruelty on any level to any other living being is . . . . cruelty. And if you are cruel can you also be vegan?

Walk with me in peace angry vegan. Put down your stones for what you do not realize is that when you throw them, they fly right over the heads of animal eaters and smack me down. It hurts.

Dear angry vegan. I understand. This is hard. But find your strength. You must. It is your duty to make good the name of vegan so that the name can begin to be synonymous with love, light, fellowship, peace and all of the things we want for every living thing upon this planet.

I love you angry vegan. And I understand you. Now find your strength. It is there. It is your duty. Fulfill.


Cruelty Free

Everyone has their own definition of what vegan is. For some, it has to do with their diet. For others it means they are an animal activist. For me the definition of vegan is a holistic one. It knows no boundaries and sees all things as interconnected. I respect the natural life of every living thing. I also respect the existence of every non living thing for non living things directly affect the natural lives of the living (and vice versa of course).

From the water to the rain forests to the dirt beneath my feet to every person on the earth no matter who they are or what they eat to every living animal and creature including insects to the end of the universe and back again, my respect has no limits, no boundaries. If something exists, I respect its natural life / its existence and I am in awe of such a miracle. There is nothing and no one for whom I would not care for to the best of my ability. My mind and my eyes are wide open. The love in my heart is endless and my desire to respect the lives and existence of every single thing in the universe is as limitless as the universe itself. When there are no longer boundaries to the depths of my caring I can free fall forever in love and awe. I feel it in my stomach. My spirit soars. For me, this is the definition of vegan.

I’m not an animal rights or human rights activist. I am a living rights activist. I’m not a humanitarian, I’m a life-atarian. As a vegan it isn’t whether or not you’re a human or a non-human animal that matters. Life matters. I will say that again. Life. It’s what matters.

If you think all vegans are angry, it’s a stereotype and we all know that stereotypes are wrong.  I hope that you can open your heart to what veganism truly is and at least understand why some vegans are so angry – understand that they just want what I want:  love, peace and kindness for all.  They just aren’t realizing that the only way to those things is through them. I love the angry vegans and I feel their pain as deeply as if it were my own, because it is my own.  I love what they seek and that they seek it.  I just wish to shed light on the how and offer up some alternatives.

Does this mean we don’t ‘protest’, ‘fight’, ‘blockade’, sign petitions, vote, create laws?  Of course we do, but we do it with kindness and love in our hearts. The very things we want for the animals we must give to the world in order for those things to truly transpire some day.  It is our duty to be the change we wish to see in this world.

If you think I am advocating a ‘do nothing’ approach, that would be a wrong assumption.  Please click here to see that I do advocate doing something.

Thank you for reading.  Peace.

  1. You are so cool.
    You are like a spring breeze, a colorful butterfly.

    I really do not care for titles and categories.
    I think they are a distractions.
    And sometimes, without any negative intent, they bring others down.
    To some of my friends, I am a non Christian.
    What is a non Christian? What is a non anything?
    I find it focuses on differences rather than what we have in common.
    If I am a female, am I a non male?
    Vegan. Non vegan. Christian. Non Christian. Isn’t it all name calling?
    I want to represent peace, health, strength.
    But I prefer to let my actions and my choices speak.
    That, in my opinion, speaks the most.

    Happy spring.

  2. I think you have just enlightened me even further! I love what you just said. I would very much like to quote you and give you all the credit!!!

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