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Myth: I can’t give up cheese!

May 1, 2013

Yes you can. If I did it, anyone can do it!

The truth is that you won’t give it up.

Dairy, eggs and the flesh belonging to another living being are all things that anyone can give up. You don’t even require a rehab or addiction center or methadone or anything else in order to do it.

You know what I discovered? That I don’t even like the dairy part of cheese and I bet you don’t either – read on my friend!

Cheese is basically dairy, salt and rennet.  Rennet is usually not vegan and it is a terribly horrible thing but you can look that up for yourself if you want.  I just want to talk about cheese for now.

If you make a fat free cheese without salt you will have . . . . a rubber ball.  You can bounce it, roll it, throw it but I guarantee that you will not want to eat it after the first bite.  It tastes awful, like eating, well . . . a rubber ball.  And yet, this is the dairy portion of your cheese.

In other words you like the salt and the fat of the cheese but not the dairy part.  If you do not like that part then why eat it?  Especially if it harms other living beings to do so.

When you separate out what you really like, the salt and the fat, you not only have something that is healthier for you, but healthier for the environment and certainly healthier for the cow and her babies, at least some day when everyone comes around on this.

I love California Olive Ranch Olive Oil and Celtic Sea Salt.  This is now my cheese.  When I think about it, I never did give up ‘cheese’ because I am still enjoying fatty salty goodness in my foods.  I just gave up the dairy part.  It wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be so I hope you will try it 🙂

Peace ❤

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