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Myth: I didn’t climb to the top of the foodchain to eat plants

May 1, 2013

I am not even sure how to respond to this.

We all know that some animals are carnivores and they prey on other animals.

When one animal meets another animal that is ‘above them’ on the foodchain, that animal may be eaten. For example, if you are walking in the woods and come across a mountain lion or a bear, you may be eaten.

Another example is if you walk up to a cow or pig, try to eat it. I guarantee you cannot. The cow or pig will be able to successfully fight you for their life. As well you will not be able to eat them. Your muscles are not strong enough to take them down, your teeth not strong enough to bite through.

You may be able to take on small birds and rodents for sure. Is this what you climbed to the top of the foodchain for? A mouse salad?

I’ll just take the salad . . .thanks.

Yes we have weapons that we use to kill animals. Many would argue this is because we are more evolved and therefore more advanced. I would argue the exact opposite. That we have devolved into violence. The truth is my research and studies have shown me that we have not evolved at all. For as long as there have been humans there has been violence, weapons, killing, raping, and indeed genocide. We have yet to evolve into peace. We all walk around once a year singing ‘Let there be peace on Earth’ and yet, who really and truly means it if they at the same time believe that weapons and the ability to kill because of these weapons makes us more advanced and therefore somehow better or superior.

Peace ❤

  1. Jacob Heins permalink

    “More evolved”, and “devolved” don’t really mean anything and they certainly aren’t moral judgments. For example, if every man was a rapist, arguably we would become more evolved as a species because we would be more effective at spreading our genes around.

  2. When I say devolved I am referring to the mind, not our physiology/anatomy. So if every man were a rapist as you say this would help us to evolve physiologically and anatomically due to genetic diversity. However psychologically this is a step backwards in the evolution of thought processes and judgement. I am certain you know that is what I meant when I mention devolving into violence. I was speaking mentally as our DNA, our physiology and our anatomy are not violent. Violent choices (key word choice as I know some people are born without choice due to brain chemistry, etc so I am not referring to those people) has to do with how we are evolving collectively, psychologically, culturally.

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