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Myth: I tried a vegan diet but it didn’t work

May 1, 2013

I’m not surprised because vegan is not a diet.

No diets work because all diets are temporary. As soon as you lose the weight you go off the diet an gain it all back. Or the more likely scenario happens where you lose no weight or even gain weight and abandon the diet for your old diet.

Some people will claim they felt weak or unhealthy or had cravings while trying a vegan diet.

Any diet can be healthy or unhealthy, make you feel sick or make you feel well. It is up to the individual to make healthy choices within their diet as to the health value and results of the diet. You can eat an unhealthy vegan diet stuffing your face with oreos all day and drinking olive oil straight from the bottle or you can choose whole fruits and vegetables, whole grains, healthy oils and nuts, beans and unprocessed foods, get plenty of sunshine and drink fresh water and juices. It is the same with the standard American diet – stuff your face with oreos or eat whole foods, plenty of vegetables and whole grains and healthy fats.

It is not a vegan diet that makes someone sick. It is the choices made within the diet.

But the bottom line is vegan is not a diet. Vegan is a way of life. It has less to do with food which is just a by-product of being vegan is. It has more to do with living a life of least harm, actively caring for the environment, nondiscrimination, seeing yourself as a citizen of the earth versus a country, finding value in love, freedom, health, and peace instead of material goods and consumerism. It is choosing fairly traded chocolate over Hershey’s, raw sustainably harvest sugar over white where child labor may have been involved, choosing reusable bags over plastic, rescuing a dog versus buying from a breeder, shopping at Goodwill, reusing, reducing, recycling, growing your own garden, buying local, seeing all people and animals as equally deserving a natural life and a natural death and embracing all life as a miracle, the natural world as a miracle.

Vegan is not a diet. Veganism is interchangeable with wanting peace on earth for every living being. It’s not something you just try and give up on because it didn’t work. As a vegan you just keep trying no matter what because peace on earth is simply to important to give up on.

Peace ❤

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