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Myth: Eating animals is how we survived

May 2, 2013

The keyword here is ‘survived’.  Sometimes humans do things to survive because they are in a do or die situation.  And certainly some cultures have had to eat animals because they lived in an area or at a time when there was not much else to eat.  But the thing is, if there was not much else to eat that means there wasn’t anything for the animals to eat either.  Eventually the people would have to move because no vegetation means no animals either.  People would have to relocate to where vegetation was in order to survive.

If there are no plants to eat, no animal can survive there, not even humans.  It is vegetation that is required for survival, not animals. 

If you are on a deserted island for example, something I am sure will never happen to you but if you were and there were an animal there that was healthy it means there is food there.  You’re better off following the animal to the food source versus eating the animal.  Once you eat the animal it is gone forever and cannot be regrown.  Vegetation however is renewable.  You can plant the seeds or if it is a bush or tree or root it will regrow or give birth to new fruit all its own.  It is an endless food source whereas an animal is a single meal.  You cannot store it and eat it later when you are in the wild.  It is one meal only.  No matter how big the animal is, it is still only one meal.

Sometimes people must eat an animal to survive because they really and truly have nothing else they can do.  This is rare and most likely will never happen to you.  A person may become lost in the woods and have to drink their own urine to survive dehydration as this has happened to a number of people.  That person would not continue this behavior once water became available.  Just because we have done something to survive does not mean we need to continue to do it once we are no longer in survival mode.

Today we are not in survival mode.  There is a store on every corner brimming with food.

In the movie Life of Pi this is what happened to Pi on the boat – he had to do something he would not normally do.  He was in survival mode.  Many people think this movie is about animals and, really, it is.  But it is not about a tiger or a zebra or an orangutan.  It is about the human animal.  I wrote a lot about that movie here.

I know this is an extreme example but sometimes, rarely thank goodness, you may have to kill another person in order to survive.  It was them or you.  And this is true survival.  But just because you had to do it once in order to survive does not mean you have to continue killing other people.  Why take the life of someone if you don’t absolutely have to?  No stable person would.  Why is this principle not applied to all life?  Why does the life of an animal not matter?  It certainly does matter to the animal.  Their hidden cries, screams of agony and pain, tears (yes they do cry), and fight for their very lives as they are led to slaughter are not simply a product of instinct.  They feel just the same as you or I.  And there is proof of this.  But even if they didn’t does that make it ok?  If someone were paralyzed or in a coma is it ok to do anything we want to them?  If someone is not aware, because they are asleep or brain damaged or they are an infant does this make it ok?

Lack of awareness, emotional or physical feeling does not making the harming and killing of another ok.

One group of humans who have truly been able to survive almost solely on the eating of animals are the Inuit.  They live in a climate so cold that there just isn’t enough vegetation however the oceans are full of vegetation for the sea animals.  The Inuit were able to take advantage of this by living off of the animals who survived by the ocean’s nutrients.  In this case it really was/is the only way to survive!  So unless you’re an Eskimo you do not need to eat sea animals to survive!  They probably don’t need to do this anymore either.  I am just guessing that they do have grocery stores there.  Perhaps they are too expensive however, I don’t know.

As a vegan you can see that I’m also truthful and factual.  I understand that there are some exceptions to rules.  And this is one of them.  The way the Inuit hunt does not destroy environments.  They do not factory farm.  And the animals live a natural life first.

But unless you are an Eskimo or are related to Eskimos you or your ancestors never needed to eat an animal to survive on a regular basis.  This does not mean that they did not eat animals.  It just means that for the most part it was not necessary to survival and it still isn’t.

Peace ❤

  1. Some of my ancestors ate meat to survive as well. They had to in Eastern Europe in winter. In Ottawa, you can get veg. I stopped eating beef whilst pregnant because of the contamination and I didn’t want to risk my baby. I cant see how I could get enough protein and vitamins, especially a nursing mother, as a vegan.

  2. Yes especially now with so much access to healthy food! Good luck to you Lyuba and to your baby as well. Motherhood is the most wonderful blessed miracle of all!

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