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Myth: It’s ok to eat animals because this is how it has always been

May 2, 2013

Arguing that we should continue to eat animals because this is the way it has always been is an argument against the progress of humanity.  Where there have been humans there also has always been rape, murder, war, etc.  Should we continue those practices as well simply because humans have always done these things?  Should we still have child labor?  Slaves?  Should women never have been granted the right to vote simply because they never had that right before?

The argument that this is the way it has always been is not a good one for if you examine your own values you will find that there are many things that our society and culture have changed that you yourself feel we should have changed despite them always having been that way.  You would never say we shouldn’t have eliminated slavery, child labor or inequality simply because it has always been that way.

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