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Is a vegan a hypocrite because they kill plants?

May 4, 2013

Myth:  When you eat a plant you are murdering it the same as an animal.

When someone says ‘plants have feelings too’ this is correct in the plant sense. But just how does a plant feel about being eaten?  Is it the same as an animal?  Let’s find out:

Plants feel that they want you to eat their fruits and vegetables and nuts and grains.  For them, the eating of their parts is not murder.


The parts we eat which is not the plant itself, but the produce of the plant, help them to propagate, to survive, by spreading their seed, an act that they themselves cannot do as well on their own.  So yes, plants do have feelings within the context of a plant.  And that feeling is ‘please eat my fruits and vegetables but not my trunk or branches’ and this is exactly what we as humans do.

Wheat and grains are a bit different in that we harvest the whole plant but keep in mind, the life of wheat is one season.  It would not live to the next season.  The harvest of wheat causes its seed to fall back to the ground.  And so again this harvest ensures the survival of wheat.

No tree, bush or vine has ever died from the picking and eating of its produce.

How do plants tell us they feel this way about being eaten?  Are there any signs or signals?

Yes there are.  Plants make the parts that they want us to eat colorful, easy to find, shapes that are very different from the parts they do not want us to eat.  These parts are very easy to pick compared to the other parts of the plant.  In fact they are so easy to pick that if you do not pick them, the plant will pick them for you by dropping them to the ground.

Humans are in a mutually beneficial symbiotic relationship with plants and this is as nature intended.  Plants feed us and nourish us and in that process we help them to survive by spreading their seed around and this is desired by the plant.  Seeds that are ingested can even survive our digestive tract.  Our relationship with plants is in harmony with nature and is as nature intended.

How do animals feel about being eaten?  Are there any signs or signals?

For clarity try this experiment.  I encourage you to only do it in your mind:

Walk up to an apple tree.  Pick an apple.  Take a bite.  What happened?  How do you feel?  What was the reaction of the apple?  Will the tree die?

Walk up to an animal. Take a bite.  What happened?  How do you feel?  What was the reaction of the animal?  The trouble here is that you will not be able to take a bite. Click here to learn why.  You will have to use a knife to subdue the animal, cut the animal open, and carve out a bite. Will the animal die?

Plants speak to us by their brightly colored easy to spot and easy to pick produce.  They benefit from us and we from them.

Animals speak to us by their cries, screams, moans and looks of terror in their eyes.  There is nothing the animal will benefit from by being eaten.

When humans eat animals, they are at odds with nature.  Nature has provided every vitamin, mineral, and all protein from the plants so that it is never necessary to kill another living being.  That is a very beautiful and wonderful thing.  So I will say it again:

Nature has placed every vitamin, mineral and nutrient including protein into the plants and made it so that this is where all nutrition comes from except for B12 which comes from soil and Vitamin D which comes from the sun so that you never need to kill another living being.

How wonderful that nature has done this for human beings.  Nature has made it so that humans never need to deliberately kill another living being for nutrition.

The only time someone may need to deliberately kill or harm another is when in self-defense or in survival mode; a thing of which most people will fortunately never find themselves in.  When in self-defense or survival mode, choice is taken from us.  But when we have the choice, when we can choose what to eat and how to treat others, nature has given us the choice not to harm animals.


Peace ❤

  1. teirdalin permalink

    I’m sorry,

  2. urmom permalink

    Bullshit. Milk is fine to drink. How about goat’s milk? When do you see a cow struggle and moan and scream by milking it? How about an unfertilized egg? Do chickens rip you to shreds with their beaks because you take an egg full of real natural cassein protein? Your arguments are invalid because you are using one that doesn’t apply to consuming a PRODUCT of a living being i.e. milk much like the fruit of a tree. Vegans eat nothing from animals. Hypocrites.

    • Being milked is a snapshot of a cow’s life on a farm. In order to understand what drinking an animal’s milk does to that animal you must see the whole process. From the rape rack to the birth ( a cow will not give milk unless pregnant or just having given birth) to the baby being taken away, to the noise the mother cow makes for days after this happens, to her extremely enlarged utters – what you see isn’t normal on a farm, they are never supposed to be so full and big because she should be nursing – to the subsequent infections as a result to her baby being placed in a veal crate, thrown away, or serving a similar fate, to her being ground into hamburger after 4 to 5 years when she would have lived for 20 to 25 simply because she does not produce milk anymore. As for eggs again you must look at the whole timeline of events for you to have that egg versus a single snapshot. What the chicken goes through from birth to slaughter. Then get back to me. I am sure if I saw you in a prison and you looked perfectly fine that would not tell the whole story. You would want me to judge whether you were fine or not by everything that was happening to you and not just from one single moment.


    yes. let’s keep pretending life is only precious if it’s warm and cuddly. you know, I won’t even call hypocrites on plant life. let’s just leave that part alone. I’ll join the movement when I see save the cockroaches and spiders. ….but….but..they aren’t….um…yeah. go ahead. explain why no one gives a fuck about the millions of swatted insects every day. or am I wrong? did I miss the save the potato bug campaign?

    life is LIFE. plants care about what keeps them alive as much as you do. as much as an ant does. or a cow. or a spider. cruelty free? certainly achievable. kill yourself.

    • Did you read the article? By your response here it doesn’t seem so. Plants care about what keeps them alive correct, and it is the eating of their produce that helps them to do so. What you have written is no different to what I have written. Value all life, understand it, including insects as you have stated. I do care about all life, insects included, and I care about you as well. The point of my blog is not that we can live cruelty free but that we should try as much as possible.

  4. Eating seeds, grains and nuts is killing the plants unborn baby’s. Why not abort baby animals and eat them before they are born? Anytime you kill something and eat it, you are taking a life to sustain your own. If you eat fruit or other vegetables then plant the seeds, you are continuing the life cycle of the plant. Just because a plant isn’t cute and furry doesn’t mean it doesn’t have feelings. The smell of freshly cut lawn is actually the plants crying out in pain by using chemical signals to alert other plants around them.

  5. bob permalink

    Point taken with the apples, but you are really dodging the question here:

    Wheat, corn etc is not picked from a tree, it is planted, grown, then chopped down and murdered and consumed by us. It’s really no different to battery farming hens.

    • I don’t know much about wheat. I do know about corn – it grows on the farm across the street. The corn grows and I walk over and pick an ear off and the stalk is still standing there alive. In what way is this the same as a chicken in a battery cage? The only other question I have is this: if it is the same, if it is murder as you say, then why do it to both plants and animals? Again, eating produce such as an ear of corn does not murder a plant. The stalk still stands. But a chicken is no different to your pet dog or even to ourselves in how we suffer and in wanting to live. A stalk of corn wants to live – which is why it produces the ear of corn. This is how it will continue – by that ear being taken, and the seed spread. But an animal does not ‘live’ in this manner. To treat an animal the same way, to chop off the part we want to eat, destroys the animal and no seed is spread.

  6. Here is a video of an ear of corn being picked. Here is a video of a chicken in a battery cage. They do not look the same.

  7. James Bond permalink

    The analogy is wrong. The fruit of a plant is kin to the milk or eggs of an animal. While I’m sure a chicken doesn’t want to be eaten, I don’t know for sure but I don’t think the hen is horribly upset when i eat the eggs. You make a compelling argument for being a vegetarian though.

    • I would say it is not ‘kin’ to milk or eggs and here is why: the tree or vine freely releases those fruits and vegetables and wants them to be carried a distance away. A new apple tree cannot grow in the shade of the old. To propagate the seed must be carried away which is why it is contained in the produce which it freely releases. An egg or milk belongs to a female who does not freely release these things to just anyone. A female, whether human or animal, desires to give her milk from her breast to a child. She also desires to have a say about her own eggs. The story of the lavender chicken as well as the way a chicken reacts to having her eggs taken shows this to be true and it is the same for human women. On the rare occasion that her eggs are taken without her consent a law suit and psychological damage are sure to follow should she find out. A cow desires to nurse her own child. She will cry and mourn the loss of her children and suffer tremendously, the same as a human female would suffer if her child were taken away. Milk cows cannot be with their children. Otherwise we could not steal the milk. It is a tremendous suffering for these mother cows. It does not help a woman to have her eggs or milk taken from her without her consent. However it does help the plant to have its fruits and vegetables taken away for this is how plants propagate. Thanks!

  8. Chanel permalink

    You do have a point. However this only applies to fruit. Botanically a fruit is the mature ripened ovary of a flower and it has seeds inside. Some kinds of fruit are supposed to be eaten up to aid seed dispersal. A vegetable is another part of the plant, such as the roots, stems and leaves. Those parts are not meant to be eaten. Removing them harms the plant. One way to tell some kinds fruits from vegetables is their taste. That can be an indicator of whether it is meant to be eaten. I like to eat the sweet bright fruits, because they taste so delicious. The yummy flavor is an adaptation to encourage eating the fruit and thus disperse seeds. On the other hand I don’t like to eat vegetables, because they taste bitter and gross. Plants probably make their main bodies yucky on purpose to discourage animals from eating them. Carrots and potatoes are two exceptions. They are vegetables, but they are yummy and I like to eat them. They are still not meant to be eaten. They are supposed to be an underground food storage for the plant. There is a concentration of sugars, which are supposed to be or the plant. However they make the part sweet enough to be good for eating.

  9. Most vegans eat a lot more than the fruit of a plant. For example, the carrots that you love to devour alive are the plant itself, the root in which all that the plant is resides and they have been shown to react to being harvested exactly as humans react to being attacked.

    You are a kingdomist. You believe animals have rights but plants do not. That also makes you a thundering hypocrite.

    • Actually many vegans do not eat carrots for this reason – it is one of the few plants people such yourself consume but many vegans do not. I understand your need to equate the suffering of a vegetable to the suffering of people. It is difficult for some to look at a vegetable and to look at a child and not be able to tell the difference with respect to suffering. I myself have never seen a vegetable react the same way a human reacts when being attacked. If you could provide a video of a vegetable under attack reacting the same way as a human I would be interested to learn more.

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