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Doesn’t growing crops kill more animals than animal farming?

May 8, 2013

I once had someone accuse me of killing more animals as a plant eater than they killed as an animal eater.  I needed to remind them that they eat plants too.  What is bread? Cereal? Pasta?  Rice? Oil? Spaghetti sauce?  Peanut butter? Potatoes?

When you look at the plate of someone who eats animals,  how much of it came from plants?  There is no way I can kill more animals as a plant eater because anyone who eats animals also eats plants.  They eat what I eat.  But they also they eat animals.  And each of those animals they ate were fed by the growing of crops as well – so an animal eater requires many more times the amount of crops to be grown for their diet than a plant eater.

I grow food in my own backyard and live across the street from a farm.  I have yet to pick a tomato from my garden and had a corpse pop up.  I have never seen animals setting up their homes in the middle of the farm field.  I have never seen the crows diving down at the dead bodies after a plow.  And when I walk over to buy produce from the farm across the street I have never seen any dead animals.

Have you ever walked through a row of corn or through an apple orchard or a field of tomatoes or gone berry picking?

How many animals did you see in those fields?

If you did see any, do you think these animals would be able to get away on their own if a plow or other farming machine came through?  Would they at least have a chance to?

Animals in factory farms do not even have a chance for escape.

Each year between 50,000,000,000 and 150,000,000,000 animals are slaughtered for food on purpose.  That is 50 billion to 150 billion.

Up to a billion more baby male chicks are thrown away in the trash or ground up into dog food.

Another billion animals are killed during animal testing.

Finally, 100 million metric tons of fish are killed each year.

Add to this the millions upon millions of acres farmed for the soul purpose of feeding the animals that people eat.  If you eat an animal, crops were grown to feed that animal.

If you believe that a lot of animals die from growing crops then as an animal eater who also eats plants those millions upon millions of unnecessary acres of food grown for animals who would have otherwise peacefully grazed in a field of grass add up to far more animals killed than just my plant eating.

A single hamburger may contain 1000 cows or more.  How many crops were harvested to feed 1000 cows for that one sandwich?  How many animals died?  I can tell you this for sure:  at least 1000.  Just for one single hamburger.

Veganism is not about being perfect.  No living being can exist without causing some harm.  Veganism is about causing least harm whenever possible.  A sandwich that contains no animal versus a sandwich that does.  The choice for least harm is obvious.  Or at least I really hope so.

Peace ❤

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