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Why are vegans so uptight about animals?

May 10, 2013

The truth is a vegan is not anymore uptight about animals than anyone else.  We all share the exact same feelings when it comes to animals.  Here’s why this is true:

Recently Whole Foods Market Inc. mixed up its labels for curried chicken salad labeling the salad with once living chickens in it as vegan ‘chik’n.  Many of the comments around the web were directed at vegans and how silly it is for them to be upset about such a thing.

What if the error had actually been dog ‘meat’ and cat ‘meat’ in the chicken salad due to Whole Foods using a new supplier from China?

How does this make you feel?  Especially if you ate it . .

Would you think someone uptight for being upset at Whole Foods for this terrible mix up?  Or would their feelings be understandable to you now?

Even if the taste were exactly the same would that cause you to be ok with the mix-up?

My point is that people are saying it is silly for vegans to be upset with Whole Foods for mixing up tofu with chicken in the vegan chik’n salad.

But is it really all that silly?

When anyone eats an animal they did not intend to eat, they are upset.  You don’t have to be vegan to be upset.  Horse flesh found in ground ‘beef’ caused many people to feel extremely upset and no one would ever call them silly for feeling that way.

This feeling – being upset about an animal in your food that you did not want to be in your food- this is a vegan feeling.  The feeling that some animals are not food.  This is a vegan feeling.  And that is what you are experiencing when it happens to you.  A vegan feeling.  You know what it’s like to be vegan when you love an animal and would never consider that animal for food.  And you don’t think that’s silly at all.

You would not react any differently to dog in your chicken than I would to chicken in my chik’n.  It is the same feeling.  You and I my friend are the same ❤

We all have a piece of chalk and we draw the line somewhere on the sidewalk of life.  Some draw the line at dog – some don’t.  Some at horse while others don’t.  The vegan draws the line at life.  Either way, we all draw a line.  We all feel the same when the line is crossed.

Peace ❤

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