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Cheese, Ice Cream and Milk Made From Human Breast Milk

July 16, 2013

I would like to open a shop so that people who cannot give up dairy or cheese can still have it with no worries whatsoever as to the health value since human milk is designed specifically for human health and growth, and especially they will not have to worry about abuses that occur in the dairy industry.  I will hire women who want the job and they will be paid and treated the same as they would had they taken any other job.  This is the perfect solution!

If it does not seem appetizing . . . ask yourself why.

I think it’s an important question.

Why do people in general find the eating and drinking of human breast milk unappetizing?

Why do people in general find the eating and drinking of cow breast milk appetizing?

Is there something odd going on here?

And where do these feelings about human milk and cow milk come from . . .

Why is it that the thought of drinking human breast milk is so gross to most people.  But the thought of drinking cow’s breast milk is not?  If I were to make a milkshake or icecream or cheese from my own breast milk . . . The fact that we as adults reject our own nature made perfect food for our own species but do not from another species troubled me.  It made me wonder . . . and especially after taking a mass media class on subliminal messages . . . was I somehow manipulated by the media?
No way!  I am smart, independent, never follow the crowd . . . And yet I followed them to the ice cream shop and back.  All the while knowing it was bad for my health.  Believing my own milk was gross.  Never realizing how horrific it was for my sister, the mother cow, and her children for me to drink theirs.
I had to admit . . . I’d been fooled. “It’s easier to fool someone than to convince them they have been fooled” It took a while . . . years of what really is tantamount to brainwashing is hard for anyone to conquer.  This is why my heart is soft for everyone in this world.  My kindness knows no boundaries.  I understand.  We have all been had by someone who values money and profit more than life itself.  Money is powerful.
But my friends, kindness is more powerful.

Peace ❤

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