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To buy or not to buy vegan menu options from fast food restaurants?

July 29, 2013

Chipotle recently announced they are going to expand their vegan menu options to other locations, possibly across the country.

Here is my opinion about patronizing fast food places:

Are we supporting animal use if we patronize fast food restaurants that serve vegan options?  In my opinion no and here is why:

If people continually order the tofu/vegan option the restaurant needs to restock this option and you can consider the money you spent there as going to restock this item.

Fast food businesses have one objective:  sell mass quantities of whatever people are buying.  The more that people buy of something, the more they will want to sell it.  If so many people order the vegan option it will cause the fast food restaurant to consider adding another vegan option.  Next thing you know, you’ve got a whole separate vegan menu, complete with V’s and everything!

And you know what?  Do you know how many people patronize fast food restaurants but have never heard of vegan, or they have but don’t know what it is?  Think of how many people will now be exposed to the V-word that may not have otherwise!

But they won’t if we don’t buy the vegan option in order to keep it on the menu in order for the sales people to realize they need to expand on their vegan options in order for people driving through fast food chains to be exposed to the word vegan and then wonder what it is and then try it, love it, and order it.

In short – it’s not just a good thing.  It’s great.  Fast food chains sell what sells.  It’s up to us, the buyers, to buy what it is we want them to sell.

I do believe I see a 100% vegan fast food chain on the horizon.  And I believe it can whip the pants off of McDonalds the moment people realize that vegan is just as fast, friendly, delicious, affordable AND ultimately more nutritious, not to mention ethical. I also believe places without a true labeled as vegan option on the menu will get one – or two or three – because they want to sell what sells to stay competitive.  That’s all they care about.

We care about animals.  Let’s show fast food chains what we care about – buy the labeled as vegan option.  Let’s show them what to sell.  Let’s keep that V-word on the menu to expose as many people as we can in any way that we can.

If you don’t eat fast food at all that’s great!  But if you do and are not sure how you feel about patronizing these businesses I hope you will feel better about ordering the vegan option.  It’s really like free advertising for what is the most important issue in the whole word:  non-discrimination, freedom and kindness to every single thing that lives.  And a fast food menu just might help this transformation to enlightenment happen.  #ActiveKindness

Peace ❤

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