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Is it more difficult to prepare vegan meals?

December 13, 2013

Everyone is already preparing vegan meals.  Everything we eat already includes foods that do not come from animals.  It is simply a matter of leaving out the animal ingredients from the cooking that we already do and buying the equivalent replacement for those ingredients we do not want to leave off of our plates.

Many people tell me they do not have time to try a vegan diet.

Consider the following questions:

Is it harder to pour almond or rice or soy milk onto cereal than it is to pour a baby cow’s milk?

Is it harder to cook a patty made from an animal than a veggie patty or a portabella mushroom cap?

Is it harder to prepare spaghetti without ‘meat’balls than it is to prepare with them?

Is it harder to order a pizza without cheese than it is to order it with cheese?

Is it harder to use tofu instead of mozzarella in a lasagna?

Is it harder to prepare taco night with beans instead of ground animals?

The meals are not harder to prepare.  In fact they are easier because you do not have to worry about hand washing or cross contamination or getting it to the right temperature to avoid disease.

What is hard is change.  The food is delicious and healthy, the meals easy if not easier to prepare, and the cost is the same or less.  It is the change that inhibits people.  We have traditions such as birthday cakes or holidays or even daily traditions and we don’t want to change those.

I understand.

I can only say this:  I had all those traditions too.  And I still have them.  I just don’t quite eat the same thing I used to.  I thought I would miss or crave things.  I don’t.  I was scared but now that I’ve done it I realize there was nothing to fear.  I still eat all the things I used to and celebrate in all the ways I used to, just without the animal on my plate or its milk or eggs.

I understand how you feel.  I was once there.  All I can say is it can be done.  And when/if you can make this change in your life and embrace it as not a diet but as the way to peace on earth through 100% non-discrimination and kindness for all in any situation (unless you’re about to be killed but hey, that doesn’t happen often or at least I hope not) you will feel as if you were struck by lightening, a powerful force.  And that force is you.  The power of one.  The power of kindness over cruelty.  The overwhelming joy to pass through this world and see everything and everyone as they are:  A miracle.

Peace ❤

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