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Why do vegans make their food look like ‘meat’?

December 13, 2013

People often ask the question:  Why do vegans make their food look like animals, for example a veggie burger?

I often reply:  Why do you make your food look like anything but the animal it came from, for example a burger?

A slice of baloney, a hot dog, even a ‘chop’ does not resemble an animal.

Most animal foods do not look like animals and are almost always flavored with plants whether it be smoke from trees or sauces made from plants, vegetables, spices, breading, and etc. For example, both the animal burger and the vegan burger below look very similar.  Neither burger looks anything like an animal or the flesh of an animal (see animal flesh photo),  Both bear equal resemblance to the vegetable pile.  Sure there are some animal foods that resemble parts of an animal, such as ribs.  But most of the animal foods consumed in the United States such as hot dogs, sausages, deli slices, patties, etc. do not look like an animal.

Peace my friends.

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