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Won’t farm animals cease to exist if we don’t eat them?

January 12, 2014

“If we don’t eat the animals they will cease to exist”

The paradox with this statement is that if we eat someone they cease to exist.

Human beings bring animals into existence for the soul purpose of taking them out of existence (slaughter) just as soon as they are fat enough by 6 months to 3 years of age when they would have lived up to 25 years otherwise.

If we don’t farm an animal then it will never exist.  While they are alive, they will not ‘exist’ in a meaningful way or in a way in which any human being would find tolerable.  They will languish 99% of the time in their own feces, unloved, with no family, in a cage, in the dark, frightened day and night with no name and no purpose other than to be taken out of existence, forced to walk to their own slaughter, years to decades short of their full lives.  Even on the loveliest of family farms forced impregnation, separation of mother and child, lack of freedom and forced walk to your own slaughter are always a part of every farmed animal’s shortened life.  These animals are denied every single fundamental basic right even on the so called best of farms – the minimal rights that you are I would insist upon for ourselves.

Fundamental basic rights include:

  • The right to conceive children naturally and without force
  • The right to nurse your children and to be with them until they are naturally ready to be on their own
  • The right to freedom – this means that you are not kept in any place where you cannot willfully leave
  • The right to a life without unnecessary pain or harm or cruelty
  • The right to your own body parts, organs, and fluids
  • The right to die naturally, however nature intends for your death to be

If we stop farming animals they will still exist but it will be on their own terms.  They will choose their partners and still have babies just as they have always done without us.  They will exist and their existence will include all of the things that make life tolerable and even joyful at times.

What would happen if we took all women and forced them to have babies against their will just so babies that would not have existed otherwise would now exist?  Click here to see what happened when we did just that.

Every female has the right to her own body and to her own children, her own milk.  Just because we take rights away from another does not mean that they did not have that right.  They do.  We all do.



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