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Part III The Holocaust

February 25, 2014

~My journey from a 10 year old child witnessing human cruelty for the first time to who I am today~

At age 12 I added a new word to my vocabulary:


Followed by another new word:


I learned that cruelty was not isolated here and there but that it existed on a scale grander than my mind could have ever imagined.  I decided then and there that I needed to find out why these things happened because I wanted these things to stop.  I thought that if I could figure out why, that then I could figure out how to stop it.  A daunting task for age 12 but I did not know if anyone else was doing anything about this.

Hundreds of images burned into my 12 year old mind along with the woman with no lip.  And for each image I knew there were tens of thousands more.  Unbeknownst to me the discovery of this Holocaust was just the tip of the iceberg with regard to human cruelty. There would be billions more from the beginning of recorded history all the way to this moment suffering of mental, physical, sexual and emotional cruelties of unspeakable proportions.

Worse Than War (2010)

“I am afraid I will die and no one will ever know that I even existed”.  David, age 15, victim of the Holocaust.

This blog is for David.  I will never forget you.

Note:  As a youth I went to a school with many Jewish children.  We had the opportunity to meet and listen to the first hand accounts of survivors.  My first time in the presence of a Holocaust survivor was at the age of 12.  It will forever be burned into the core of my very being. The following are some of the stories that I have heard first hand or seen in interviews or read in first hand accounts.  Read with caution:

Men, women and children were forced to strip naked before entering the transport trains.  Some of the women were pregnant or holding infants or small children.  The trains were so crowded that there was standing room only.  No food or water was provided.  Many people died from the elements and dehydration on the way.  Some of the pregnant women were forced to give birth while standing upright among the dead and half living on the train.  When they arrived at their destination babies and new born infants could be snatched up by the guards, tossed into the air and used for target practice right in front of everyone.

In an attempt to hide the atrocities at one point Jewish prisoners were forced to dig up their own dead friends and families from the shallow graves and moved to a new location.  As they dug up the rotting bodies of their loved ones sometimes they could still recognize a family member.  The guards would not allow the prisoners to have any emotional reaction to what they were doing.  They went so far as to force the prisoners to say out loud that what they were digging up was shit.  They forced them to look upon their dead children and loved ones as shit – and to say that these were not people but shit out loud over and over again.

Experiments were done on prisoners and children were no exception.  Some of these included seeing how long it would take to die when plunged into ice water or boiling water.  It could take them up to 5 hours or longer to freeze to death.  Injecting chemicals into the eyes of children to change their color, sewing two children together in an attempt to create conjoined twins, amputating limbs and attaching them to someone else with no anesthesia and performing vivisection.  Vivisection is dissecting someone while they are still alive, held down by clamps so that they cannot get away or resist. Most died from these procedures either during or shortly thereafter.  Those that did not were sent to the gas chambers.

Women and children were raped and forced to watch the rape of others.  They were mauled by dogs after.  Some of the women had their breasts cut off.

This list could go on for another thousand pages.  But I will stop here.

*Never forget

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