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Dog legs served at shelter for homeless dogs

March 3, 2014

Fundraiser for Dog Town Shelter

Come out and enjoy the fun rain or shine!  Music, raffles and dinner:  Mashed potatoes, corn on the cob, rolls, salad and barbequed dog legs.

Is that legal?  Yes, in China this is a delicacy. An import company has donated all of the meat for our fundraiser.

But a dog is not meat.  Yes it is.

But wait, you are trying to help dogs but you are going to help them by eating them?  Yes, the dogs we are serving are already dead so it would be a waste otherwise.  Plus those dogs are not regular dogs.  They are meat dogs.

Isn’t that not right to do to dogs? It’s legal so it’s right.

That’s disgusting.  No it isn’t, actually it tastes really good.  They are sending us mostly golden retriever and those actually have the best flavor because if you don’t let them exercise or move their meat gets really tender and falls right off the bone.

They don’t let them exercise? No, they aren’t regular dogs.  They are meat dogs so they don’t need to exercise.

What is a meat dog? A meat dog is a dog that is kept in a cage for four or five months.  They are over fed and then sent to slaughter.  They are not like dogs here.

Why not?  What is the difference?  Because there they are meat.

So just because they are in China they are meat?  Yes

How is a dog there any different to a dog here?  Actually there isn’t any difference between the dogs there and here.  The difference is between the way people think.  That makes it ok.

I hope you will come out to the fundraiser to support the dogs and enjoy a delicious meal!

People who eat animals often say that they do not understand at all why someone who doesn’t gets upset when animals are being served or eaten.  But if this fundraiser upsets you then you understand perfectly.  The only difference is in the way we think. But the way we think comes from two places:  the culture or the heart.


Peace on earth begins and ends with you.  And how you think.  You are important to this world.  I believe in you.


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