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Why Animals? Why not focus on human beings and their problems?

October 27, 2014

The atrocities happening to animals are not more important than the atrocities happening to human beings.  I advocate for any living being that suffers.  One question that is often asked of me is if I could save only one, a human or an animal, which would I save?  The answer is here (click here). The reason why this blog seems to focus on animals are as follows:

1.  We already know about the cruelties that human beings suffer such as rape, murder, and slavery.

2.  Most people do not know what animals endure behind the scenes on farms, family farms, zoos, circuses, carriage rides, races, or in research labs.

3. To harm a human being is illegal so the laws are already in place to help protect them, to limit the amount of harm that can come to a human being.

4. To harm an animal is legal.


5. Everyone already accepts that to harm a human is wrong.

6. Most people believe it is acceptable to harm animals.

7. Human beings are able to convey their issues to other human beings

8.  Animals are not able to convey their issues to anyone other than the farmer, zoo keeper, circus performer, scientist, etc.  Since those human beings only value the money they will receive by use of the animal over the needs and the very life of the animal, the animal will not be heard.  Someone else must speak for them.

9.. Most people are not abusing other humans by participating directly or indirectly in forced pregnancy, confinement, and slaughter aka rape, enslavement, murder.

10.  Most people do participate directly or indirectly in the abuse of animals and their forced pregnancy, confinement, and slaughter aka rape, enslavement, murder.

There are millions of advocates for every human cause but for every one thousand who advocate for particular human issues which affect millions of human lives, there is only one to advocate for the animal’s issues which affect billions to trillions of animal lives.

To advocate for animals is to advocate for humans since enlightenment to cruelty towards animals always includes enlightenment to all cruelty and does not discriminate between people and animals or different kinds of people or different kinds of animals.

While there are advocates for animals most only advocate for certain animals such as dogs and cats or dolphins and whales.  These same advocates are eating the other 56 billion land animals and trillions of sea animals.  Any animal used for its products is slaughtered once they are spent.  The milk and egg animals often suffer the most egregious abuses of all.  Even the backyard chicken used for eggs and the family dairy cow will suffer abuses.  There is no way to use an animal without abuse.

What I advocate for is nondiscrimination and kindness.  I advocate this for all humans and all animals but I focus on animals since there is a lack of advocacy for most animals, the animals themselves are unable to tell us the truth of their situation, the media produces propaganda to hide the truth about animals, and the abuse of animals who are not pets is legal.  It is in fact illegal to help an animal who is not a pet.

Anytime we believe that discrimination is acceptable as long as what we discriminate against is different from ourselves or the things we love (dogs and cats) then discrimination (farm animals, lab animals) will always find its way into human populations (Jews, homosexuals, African Americans, immigrants) as well.  And we know this is true for discrimination against groups of people exist today as it always has.  But it doesn’t need to exist.  The only way to end human suffering is to end all suffering.  Any suffering that is acceptable anywhere leads the way to suffering everywhere.  The change the world needs begins and ends with you.  Read more about that here.

Human Statistics / Animal statistics:

16,238 human beings were murdered in the United States in 2010.

56,000,000,000 (56 billion) animals are murdered in one year.  This does not include lab animals, fish, or male chicks who are ground up alive 150,000 per day at one farm alone.

20 and 30 million human slaves exist today

56,000,000,000 (56 billion) animals are enslaved each year. I use the term slavery because to be born into a life where you are not allowed to live your natural life, not allowed to be with your children, are forced into pregnancy, and are not allowed to die a natural death where your life is measured only by your dollar value, that is the definition of slavery.  Every slave will die.

250,000 reported cases of rape and sexual abuse of a human being per year in the United States.

9,000,000 dairy cows are raped each year in the United States. 50,000,000 pigs are castrated each year without anesthesia. These are only a sampling of the forced impregnation and genital assaults that happen to animals every year.

5 to 10 million human beings are imprisoned around the world right now who have committed a crime or are accused of a crime.

Billions to trillions of animals are imprisoned around the world each year and they have committed NO crime and have never harmed a human.  The prisons are CAFO’s, Sea World, Marine Land, research labs, zoos, fur farms, down farms, cashmere farms, farms, family farms, pastures, zoos, circuses, races, carriage companies and animal shelters. A prison is a place in which you are held by someone else and you do not have freedom to leave.  You are at the mercy of the person holding you there, even if you are provided an outdoor area, you are not permitted to leave that area.  Even if you are provided food and shelter and palliative care, the only reason for such provision is profit for the provider.  A prison goes by many names designed so that you will not see it as a prison unless you are the one inside.

610,000 homeless human beings on the streets of the United States any given evening.

6,000,000 to 8,000,000 dogs and cats homeless in shelters per year in the United States. Of these half will be put to death.

Out of the above list we are taught only to care about the humans and the dogs and cats. I advocate for animals because I know that regardless of what we have been taught, that inside each of us is the kindness that does not agree with suffering for any living creature.  The culture pushes the most wonderful parts of ourselves down and on top places discrimination: cats and dogs but not cows and pigs.

My advocacy of animals is the advocacy of you: that wonderful kind person who would not be ok with abuse of any kind. I advocate you being ‘you’ and not who the culture wants you to be.  Deep inside is that wonder and awe for all life and that gentle person who knows that strength means doing no harm.  The culture does not want you to be that person because quite frankly it just isn’t profitable.

The culture has provided for you every reason not to be kind to all people or all animals. You are probably thinking about the justifications for animals to be used by humans right now: these are taught to you by the culture.

Let only the best parts of you guide your actions and take back who you are from the culture.  Peace ~

“I once read about a monster called the Extracator, that lived off people’s souls. Only, the thing was, the Extracator ate a person’s soul in their sleep over a 16 year period. Like it would nibble off a crumb every night, until there wasn’t anything left. So a person had no way to realize what was going on. They just had this vague sense that something was slowly disappearing.”


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