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Why are vegans so picky?

March 8, 2015

Being ‘picky’ about eating an animal or its products is not a vegan trait.  It is a human trait shared by all.  Consider the following:

Cheese made from a monkey’s breast milk

A dog fried in a deep fat fryer

French fries fried in the same fryer as the dog

The eggs or milk of a horse, dog or cat

A casserole with only a little bit of dog meat in it – you can’t even tell it’s in there

Even though the french fries taste no different than any other french fries,  most people will reject them if they were fried in the same oil as a dog.  Even though there is only a ‘very small amount’ and you ‘can’t even taste it or tell it’s in there’ and even if the item was the best thing you ever ate, once you learn the casserole contains dog would you still consider it the best thing you ever ate?  Would you eat it or reject it?  And if you did reject the casserole, would you consider yourself picky for doing so?

It is certain that no one would ever describe anyone as ‘picky’ for rejecting any of the above items.  That is because it is not picky to reject eating an animal, or its milk or eggs, that you care about.  It is not picky to not want to eat something that was cooked where an animal you care about was cooked.  This is a common trait shared by most people.

We are the same.



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