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Welcome friends to Cruelty Free WORLD: All are welcome here!

537250_405767896174783_1545837976_n“If your rights take away the rights of others then it is not a right.  It is a wrong.”

“Peace on earth begins and ends with you.”

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This blog was created to promote peace on earth for all, not some, who dwell here.  You are important to this world and the truth is you have just as much power to make a difference as anyone else who ever has. Therefore this blog was created to promote peace on earth through you.

One of the easiest things we can do to promote peace on earth is by removing ourselves from participating in cruelty both directly and indirectly. If you’re like me then you would physically free any person who is suffering from cruelty right now if you could.  Sadly it is often a risk to your own life and my friend your life matters.  Often it is not even possible to physically help others since there is so much cruelty every day to so many people in every corner of the world. What you 100% absolutely can do is not participate in cruelty by making choices that do not cause suffering for others.  We cannot stop others from being cruel or accepting cruelty as a part of their choice outcomes but we can stop ourselves. Imagine if every person did this?  Then you would not need to rescue anyone.  This is why peace begins and ends with you, with what you do and the choices you make.

In the year 2012 I made a new year’s resolution to eat an ethical diet.  I called it eating ‘cruelty free’.  At the time I wasn’t sure what that would be but I made it my goal to find out.  Initially I assumed this meant simply avoiding foods where child and slave labor are often involved such as chocolate and coffee that are not fairly traded.  I thought it meant avoiding foods that have been genetically modified by companies for unethical reasons.  I also thought eating ethically and cruelty free meant only eating animal products that came from organic, ethical, humane and/or family farms.

In my quest to promote peace on earth and to remove myself from cruelty I have learned that there is no such thing as  a cruelty free animal product.  I tried to find one but it doesn’t exist.  Not even an egg from a loved back yard chicken is cruelty free.  It just takes a little bit of investigation and the ability to understand that what what we perceive as not harmful to something else does not mean it is not harmful.  To know if something is harmful we must see it from the point of view of the ‘something else’.  We must observe more than just a snapshot or two in time to know if what we are doing is cruelty free.  And then, this is critical in order to be able to identify if something we are doing is cruel in any way, we must be able to apply what we are doing to ourselves and to ask ourselves the question ‘if done to me would I be ok with it?’.  We must also be able to answer that question honestly.

Not even an egg from a loved back yard chicken is cruelty free.   Click here.

The abuses I have uncovered have opened my eyes to animals, to these peaceful creatures who have never harmed anyone or anything and to the value of life itself, any life at all, not just my own and not just the lives of those that are most like me.

Peace on earth begins with how we treat all life, not just some life.  For I have learned that discrimination is the root cause of all cruelty.  Discrimination in any form opens the door to discrimination in every form.  The viewing of some people as more deserving of rights than others.  Here are some examples:

One nationality versus another

One religion versus another

Straight versus gay

White versus Black

All of the above are human beings, all equally deserving of life and freedom and love.

Dog versus cow

Cat versus pig

Parrot versus chicken

Hamster versus lamb

All of the above are animals, all equally deserving of life, freedom and love.  Just as a man cannot help if he is born black or gay or into a Jewish household, neither can an animal help that it is born a cow, a pig, a chicken or a lamb and not a cat, dog or hamster.  We use the same principals used by those who have enslaved and committed the most heinous of crimes against certain groups of people and apply them to certain animals.  An animal may be different than a person, but the ability to directly or passively participate in cruelty is the same whether it be toward a human or an animal.  And it is this quality that exists in all of us.  It is this quality that not only allows us to care about some animals but not others but for it to be applied to certain groups of people throughout history to the present day as well.  It is this quality that explains why cruelty exists. The quality is anthropocentrism.  Click here to learn more about that word. The result is discrimination. The outcome is indifference to cruelty.  And this creates the environment for a few to directly participate in cruelty and for the masses to indirectly participate and support cruelty, in most cases, through financial support and consumer support.

I have always known about abuses caused by humans to humans.  Since I was 10 years old I have been reeling from the things I have learned.

The abuses I uncovered towards animals have further scarred me for life.   The following are a sampling of what I have learned.  I warn you the links lead you to the dark side of the humanity.  But please remember, there is no light side when it comes to animals and how they are being used.  Even on the most ‘humane’ ‘happiest’ family farm there is no way to ‘farm’ an animal without harm, both physically and emotionally. These links do not take you to the exceptions.  The industries would have you believe otherwise.  If you are convinced everything is just fine and that anything bad with regard to animals is minor then the industries have done their job well.

Even when there are seemingly no abuses, I must tell you that there still are.  What we see when we drive by a farm is only a snapshot of their lives.  It does not show you the rape rack, castration with no pain killer, the babies as they are dragged from their mothers, or the slaughterhouse and crowded transport to slaughter in every manner of heat and cold including temperatures so low that the animals flesh freezes to the sides of the truck.  The animal is pried off, while still alive, leaving that patch of skin and flesh behind.  For every animal used for food or its products no matter where it lived its life or how ends up thrown away, tossed in a grinder or ends up in a slaughterhouse. 

These mothers bodies are used and abused for cheese, dairy (remember dairy cows give birth in order to produce milk, the calf is taken away from her and these mothers cry click here to experience what she experiences), eggs (there is no such thing as free range once you investigate this further), fish.  Around each and every corner, when it came to animals being used for food or as entertainment, in a zoo, at a circus, in a shelter, in a medical lab, a rodeo, a dog race and in other places that are simply unspeakable that you probably never even realized existed I found mental, emotional, sexual and psychological abuse and physical abuses some of which were so horrific they sank me to my knees with a despair and sadness of which I had never experienced before.

I realized that the animals, like me and in the same way as me and as a mother, feel pain, cry, give and receive love, possess intelligence and want to live their lives fully.  As a culture we have been taught that these things are only true for some animals. The truth is that these things are true for all who live, not just for some who live.  Click here to watch a video that might explain how we have come to disregard animals and their lives collectively as a culture.

I found these abuses to exist even in the most seemingly kindest of settings. It is an unavoidable consequence of viewing another living being as food or as something less than what it is- some of their rights must be taken away, least of which the right to live because every animal from the dairy cow to the egg laying hen will end up in dog food, a hot dog, a nugget or in the trash even while still alive.  And their journey from one to the other will be filled with tremendous suffering along the way.  Even a fish will suffer.  Just because they are not like us does not mean they do not possess the same capability for tremendous suffering.  In this we are all the same.  Click here to read about the problem with believing that you and your life is worth more and therefore more valuable than the lives of others.

In the time it has taken you to read this far another 20,000 plus innocent loving creatures who lived a life of misery from birth to death have been slaughtered.  Some of them never even having seen the sun’s rays until the day they are loaded onto the cramped transport truck with no water, no love, where many of them arrive at the slaughterhouse covered in their own feces and vomit already dead from being crushed, over heated and / or dehydrated.  Innocent creatures who have never harmed another, yet who have never been known to anyone else except by a number drawn on their skin or stapled to their ear.

On May 27 I pledged to eat a 100% plant based diet as well as avoid any products associated with animals.

The only difference between my former self and who I am today is that I am now fully engaged with my core values and sense of right and wrong. I no longer bend my beliefs for the sake of popular culture or convenience.  My actions are finally inline with my beliefs.  I now live in harmony with myself.  This means that I am, at last, who I believe myself to be.  Click here to find out if you are who you believe you are.

There are many other questions people have asked me about the diet / lifestyle.  I intend to address all of them in my “Where do you get your protein? And other questions answered / myths debunked” portion of my blog.

I have learned so much more than I ever expected to since January 1, 2012.  I leave you with a sampling:

The plant based diet is 100% nutritionally sound.  I learned that protein comes from plants, not animals.  I took two nutrition courses at Rochester Institute of Technology, one standard and one for sports, and both courses confirm this for whether you are an athlete of any kind or not. These courses are for students studying to become dietitians.  They are not vegan courses nor are the professors vegan.  You can find this same information in any textbook for nutrition studies students.

All nutrition comes from plants, not animals.  Calcium, iron and protein are only in animals because they eat plants or eat plants that ate an animal that ate plants.

Vitamin B12 is not in plants.  But it does not come from animals either.  It comes from soil and water.  Vitamin D comes from the sun, not dairy milk.  The industry adds this in the same as if it were a supplement from a pill.

It does not cost more money to eat this way.  It costs less.

It does not take more time to eat this way – it takes less.

The diet is not limiting in variety or flavor.  Most people consume just four or five animal sources.  Cow, eggs, dairy, and chicken are the most popular in the United States.  What gives these few items variety are the 10,000 plus edible plants, fruits, vegetables, grains, nuts and minerals that come from non-animal sources.  In fact, there are just five basic tastes:  sweet, sour, bitter, salty, and umami.  Umami is a savory flavor and is the taste you get from eating an animal or its products or from eating vegetables.  Umami is the only flavor that comes from an animal source.  In contrast all five flavors, including umami, exist in plant foods. Plant foods flavor animal flesh and provide variety to the meal, not the other way around.

The fuel for a human being is the carb – not protein.   Flesh and eggs contain no carbs, milk has just a few.  Plants on the other hand contain the perfect balance of carbs and protein for the human body.  They also contain fiber, vitamin C, flavenoids, and antioxidants which are all things lacking in an all animal diet.

The diet does not make you weak.  And this should be obvious because plants, the soil, sun and water are where all nutrients come from.  It should also be obvious by the size and strength of many other animals who consume only plants.

Photo by Author

“The question is not, “Can they reason?” nor, “Can they talk?” but “Can they suffer?”
― Jeremy Bentham

Photo by Author

“Auschwitz begins wherever someone looks at a slaughterhouse and thinks: they’re only animals.”
― Theodor W. Adorno

“People care about animals. I believe that. They just don’t want to know or to pay. A fourth of all chickens have stress fractures. It’s wrong. They’re packed body to body, and can’t escape their waste, and never see the sun. Their nails grow around the bars of their cages. It’s wrong. They feel their slaughters. It’s wrong, and people know it’s wrong. They don’t have to be convinced. They just have to act differently. I’m not better than anyone, and I’m not trying to convince people to live by my standards of what’s right. I’m trying to convince them to live by their own.”
― Jonathan Safran Foer

“Human beings are a part of the animal kingdom, not apart from it. The separation of “us” and “them” creates a false picture and is responsible for much suffering. It is part of the in-group/out-group mentality that leads to human oppression of the weak by the strong as in ethic, religious, political, and social conflicts.”

“To be ‘for animals’ is not to be ‘against humanity.’ To require others to treat animals justly, as their rights require, is not to ask for anything more nor less in their case than in the case of any human to whom just treatment is due. The animal rights movement is a part of, not opposed to, the human rights movement. Attempts to dismiss it as anti human are mere rhetoric.”
― Tom Regan

Photo by Author


I would like to say that I am not eating a cruelty free diet for my health or to live longer.  I am going to get sick and die no matter what I eat.  I was 100% healthy when I changed how I ate and ultimately how I live.

The ultimate enlightenment is constant kindness combined with 100% nondiscrimination as these will lead to peace on earth.

I am a kindness activist seeking the ultimate enlightenment.


  1. Bryan permalink

    Good for you! I am all for fitting into my lifestyle peices you learn about that I agree with, especially the animal cruelty free portion.

  2. I hate diet because it’s make me eat more and more. please help me what’s good method for weight loss.

    • I agree a ‘diet’ never works because it is only temporary which means your weight loss will also be temporary. Or as soon as you start you feel deprived and it causes intense cravings! But don’t worry you can still lose weight and keep it off. Instead of dieting change your lifestyle one small step at a time. A diet requires a massive life change all at once. But a lifestyle change requires one tiny change at a time. For example, if you normally eat 2 donuts for breakfast try eating just 1 and a half – give the other half to a friend. Once you are comfortable with that, go down to one. Once you are comfortable with that, go down to one a day, but on the 7th day eat something healthier. Keep going until the donut is no longer for breakfast and the breakfast you have replaced it with is healthy and the right amount of calories. It doesn’t mean you can never have a donut again no! It means that on occasion you will but it is no longer a habit. You have now replaced a high calorie unhealthy habit with a lower calorie healthy habit. This is your key to success – one tiny step at a time!

  3. steve119 permalink

    where as I respect your intentions I feel it is necessary to point out there is no such thing as a cruelty free diet as farming for fruit and vegetables kills millions of animals (mammal. reptiles, birds, amphibians and insects per hectare) and not just accidentally the majority are killed on purpose for pest control even on organic farms actually even more on organic as there is more land used. so every stick of celery every carrot every potato every soy based food has a blood trail leading right to it. Sorry that’s how arable farming works first you take a piece of land then you kill every thing on it even most of the bacteria in the soil then you plant crops which as a by product kills animals then you have to keep killing the animals on purpose that harm those crops ,(pest control) then you have to harvest those crops and again as a by product kills animals studies have shown that in rice production alone during harvesting as many as 10000 to 50000 frogs (just frogs alone not including the insects reptiles, mammals and other amphibians) are killed per acre

  4. I often have people tell me that there is no such thing as a cruelty free diet and therefore I should not even try. But I equate this to everything in life. Just because I cannot parent my child perfectly should I not try at all and just give up and use corporal punishment? Just because I cannot prevent myself form causing some form of pollution by my mere existence should I start throwing my garbage anywhere? Should I not run if I know I will never win a gold medal? Should I not sing if I can never win the Grammy? Should I not attempt anything if I cannot do it perfectly? Not call myself a singer despite the fact that I do sing if I cannot do it perfectly? Not call myself a runner even though I run if I can never win a race? And not call myself a cruelty free eater if I cannot be 100% cruelty free? So while you are 100% correct I certainly do hope that your comment is not designed to make me believe that I might as well not try if I cannot be perfect. My blog is called cruelty free eating and nowhere do I state, nor would I ever, that I am 100% cruelty free because that is not possible. What is possible is that I can try and do my best to be a cruelty free eater. So on that, I agree with you. All I can do is my best, which can never be perfect. But I will never stop trying just because I can never be perfect at it. If I had such an attitude then I would never try anything for there isn’t anything I can ever be perfect at. Thanks for making me think about this my friend! And I am well aware of what farming does. This is why I have begun to eliminate certain things from my diet such as sugar and opt for a sweetener that does the least destruction by tapping my maple tree or visiting a local maple tree farm. Growing my own tomatoes, potatoes, salad and zucchini this summer. And trying to find farms to purchase products where the things you have mentioned are taken into consideration. I do find myself fading further and further into the most natural form of eating with the least harm going so far as to discover the edible plants that grow naturally right on my property and how I can incorporate those into my diet as well. I believe in small personal gardens and I believe in living in harmony with what is already there. I don’t even kill the insects anymore – in fact insects on a plant are a sign that it is a healthy plant and not genetically modified. So much to learn and know and I’m grateful for your comment. I’m going to explore this even further!

    • Susie permalink

      What a great response! I feel the same way when people suggest it’s futile to be ethical.

      • They say that but only with respect to others. The moment they are the ones who must endure the unethical choices of others they change their tune. It is all too easy to think it fine for others to suffer. Unfortunately many people do not see this is wrong until they themselves or their loved ones are suffering because of this very attitude 😦

  5. A fantastic read thank you so much for leading me to it!! Much love to you. ❤

  6. Suze permalink

    Well put! You so eloquently expressed logical thoughts and feelings (with links, no less!). Thank you! I hope people continue to find what you’re sharing here and realize that it’s time for them to pay attention to truly senseless (And totally unnecessary!) mistreatment and torture.

  7. Robert E. Henry permalink

    I find your views very admirable, but having a mind for thoroughness of perspective, I will give you my response as honestly as I know how. The answer to living a good, decent life is the endeavor to live in concord with God, honoring Him, His children (that’s us – we alone have been given His nature), and His creations, starting with the animals He created. The answer to finding out whether eating meat or fish is ethical – i.e., in harmony with God’s plan for us as stewards – not tyrants – of the Earth He created, will take some time, and I will not jump into any camp without examining it in the full context of living on planet Earth. This will include understanding whether the human race could have existed from its outset on a meat- and fish-free diet, whether some races and groups of humanity, as they settled in different parts of the world over the millennia, could have survived as pure vegetarians. I will try to understand why humans find meat and fish agreeable to eat, and why humans must be exempted from a meat- and fish-free diet when the animal food chain depends so largely on certain species relying on consuming the flesh of fish and land animals … I must know whether it is reasonable or not for me to be an omnivore. Regardless of what my quest for truth yields, I want you to know 4 things. First, I know nothing about the matter and must acquaint myself with it thoroughly: I will also seek to understand whether humans are meant to be vegetarians or omnivores. Second, I will do all I can to avoid cruelty in the raising or slaughtering of animals. Third, I find your message to be both reasonable and stimulating – you have caused me to examine what I otherwise would have ignored, possibly to my detriment and that of animals, which I dearly love and want to treat kindly. One of my favorite saints is Saint Francis, who did not consider referring to animals as “Brother fox,” etc., as diminishing his appreciation of the special divine status conferred on humans by God. So … vegetarianism, wherever it is possible to pursue it without causing the death of humans from starvation, may well be compatible with my Christian beliefs. Right now, I must simply admit my ignorance on the subject until I study up on it from many standpoints, and I am grateful to you (and to Paul McCartney, whose documentary I just now saw led me to find you) for having broached the subject for me! Note: starting when I was 12 and living at the beach in Connecticut, I would snorkel alone and occasionally spear a blackfish or flounder – always for the family dinner. I had grown up to regard having a conscience as my greatest imperative, and I regarded my hunting as an honorable thing to do, by not relying on my father to provide all the family’s food. Thus, I never felt that my hunting was hurting the sea or its creatures I found so marvelous, but an act of participating in the cycle of life and death that sustains life. Thank you –

  8. Hi Robert! First of all thank you for taking the time to write to me! I don’t often get feedback so this really made my day. I can see that you are very thoughtful and that is a wonderful quality. I want to encourage you to find those things about you that are separate from the culture – I want you to find the pure you that would make a decision based on nothing else other than your own goodness inside that you were created with. Sometimes without knowing it the culture can strip a little of it away, tiny bits over time, that we don’t notice. I like everything you have said here. I am very interested to hear from you again. I would like to know if you have any further thoughts on this. I like to learn from other people, especially deep thinkers such as you. It’s been my pleasure to read your thoughts here. Peace to you friend!

    • Robert E. Henry permalink

      Hello, and thank you so much for your thoughtful and considerate reply to my own which was so full of unresolved questions. Your attitude toward those who tell you their misgivings or uncertainties is one of patience, rather than irritation that I was taking time to sort out the issues in my head. In short, I love how you think and will enjoy continuing our dialogue. Your reply was courteous and civilized – a rarity in these impatient, polarized times when so many simply want to know “which side are you on?” rather than hearing what you have to say. Such people value their point of view more than they value people. Your conclusions have certainly endowed you with a genuine kindness to people as well as animals. I will do as you asked and get back to you with what I learn and infer from my study of this. One thing is already evident to me and my wonderful wife: we will have no truck with the callous mistreatment of animals in how they are raised and slaughtered – we have a profound dislike for those who replace a healthy resourcefulness of nature’s bounty with the ugly manipulation of nature that is dissociating all of mankind from it in so many alarming ways! God’s creations, from animals to eloquent scenery, should evoke our awe and respect, and they will if we keep our spirits in touch with Him constantly. Even in my ignorance about the subject, I love of all He has made, with love of animals very high on that list of priorities. Right from the very start when God gave Moses His laws for the Jewish race to follow, He included humane methods for killing animals to avoid their pain. I am already furious at what I have seen of the brutality of our hateful, greed-driven system of mass animal raising and slaughtering – something my wife and I thought was restricted to veal (and so caused us never, ever to order veal over many years of marriage). Now we learn that it pervades our whole mass-produced animal slaughtering, leading to a hideous system that is detaching the human race from nature. That alone is a wake-up call to us that we cannot afford to ignore. It seems the Industrial Revolution has instilled an insatiable desire for profiteering – and I am no Socialist by any means – that cannot be allowed to spiral into madness. We have to take back our humaneness from a system that depersonalizes all of us in society. I already like the work you are doing, and again, promise to get back to you with some better thought-out insights than I can offer now. Thank you again for a response that shows you to be a really decent person with legitimate concerns. I hope I can bring some useful insights to this matter. Give me a little time – this won’t happen overnight. All the best in your work! – Robert

      • Are you a writer? Because your writing is lovely. I wish you would write something like a journal on things that matter. I know I would love to read it. And please keep me posted. I would love to look through your comments here and even quote you with your permission. Some of the things you have said I could not have put better. Wow!

      • Robert E. Henry permalink

        Thank you for your kind words – I’m so glad my impressions and their articulation are a help to you. I would be pleased to have you share my comments, though not my poems, for in order to let you know some of the range of my writing abilities, I am pasting one here for you – I hope you enjoy it. When you do use my comments on the more prosaic issues, could you please let me know where they are used so I can keep up with your most interesting dialogue? For yes, I confess that in my heart I am a writer and have been since I was 17 when I began writing poetry, short stories and essays. I earn my living as best I can writing articles on healthcare and scientific matters and have founded several healthcare journals, one of which circulates to 26K managed care directors, another of which goes to oncologists. I hope you enjoy the following poem. If you would like to share your email address to facilitate the exchange of my work, you can send it to me at Thank you – Robert.

        Night Watch

        Mellow night,
        and all the earth’s alight with Spring,
        Rejoicing in her river’s ring
        her softness shining when you’d swear
        There’s no one left who has a care for you

        Here I walk,
        I’ll try hard not to talk of smog
        And politics that wish to fog
        the magic of my instinct’s slight
        Simplistic grasp of what is right – so help me

        Come the Dawn
        a mighty flow of life goes on,
        Ablaze beneath a sweetened sky
        where living breezes ply a holy song

        Till then I’ll walk alone at night
        content with silent starry light
        And chart each new unsteady step
        and light my climb, so full inept, to Thee

        Robert Emmett Henry
        (Copyright, Robert E. Henry)

  9. Wow! My email is and I will surely notify you!

    • Robert E. Henry permalink

      Thank you – I look forward to hearing from you.


  10. I needed to thank you for this excellent read!! I definitely loved every little bit of it.
    I have got you book-marked to check out new stuff you post…

  11. Jenny P permalink

    For the past few years, I have been considering cruelty free eating. I stopped eating meat a couple of years ago. The thing that bothers me, that you touched on slightly, is it seems like a lot of talk about cruelty to the animals we eat. What I find lacking from the dialog is the fact that all the fruits and vegetables we eat are grown by humans. Having done no research, I know that American agriculture relies on migrant farm workers. I am going out on a limb and guessing these people are not exactly living a lavish, cruelty free life. I guess I just wish there was more discussion about all our food (not on your blog, as you are the first I see who mentions fair trade in connection with vegetarianism).

    And yes, growing your own food, and visiting local farms are both great ideas. Perhaps if there was more discussion about cruelty in general, as opposed to focusing on the animals, then it would be easier to find local alternatives….

    • Thank you for the inspiration. I will write blog just for you. I have done some research and am currently enrolled in a class that focuses on culture, food and power and this is part of what we are learning about. This is important and I am glad you brought it up!

  12. Tamme permalink

    Thank you so much for this. I recently made the decision to eat cruelty-free, but really have no knowledge of it and no support from friends (while I don’t try to force my decisions on them, I have to explain things like why I won’t drink milk even though they know I love it) who like to remind me that one person won’t make a difference. They don’t understand that it’s a personal thing, that I simply can’t eat meat without remembering the horrible things I’ve seen and wondering if it happened to what I’m eating. I never knew the extent of humankind’s cruelty, and now that I have an inkling (thanks to Facebook, that fount of “truth”), it both saddens and sickens me. I was beginning to get discouraged, as I am finding that nearly everything I have eaten in the past has some type of animal product in it (right down to the stinkin bread!), but your words in regards to not being perfect have really hit home. Thank you, Peace, Light, and Love

  13. I know what it is like to lack support. I am glad you found this page and so happy to read your comment! I will tell you this: Not only does one person make a difference, one person is the only thing that will make a difference. We are all only in control of one person. Unfortunately most people never seek to control their own lives and allow the culture to dictate that for them. If you are now in the driver’s seat and making your own decisions in spite of the culture, you have made all the change in the world that one person can make. Do not get discouraged – continue on this journey. You have no idea how you have touched others, inspired others, and have caused others to think about something they never would have if they had not met you. Do you see just how important you are? You will never know the extent of your impact on this world – but I can tell you it is great and it will grow every single day unbeknownst to you. Never forget just how important you are in this matter. Thank you so much!!!! I hope to hear from you again 🙂

  14. Great post.

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    Physic: quantum mechanics, classic mechanics, barrier between classical and quantum world
    This question maybe is raised that what is the relation between space-time and our communications factor?
    According to type of structure of this place, this great acting affects every things even our relationships and as I said before we have to consider three objects to inspect each kind of human acting in this part of creation.
    Human – his surrounding – the relation between human and his surrounding
    Since our generality of our being is made of our communications when the best results come out of the relation that person thinks about himself and also about the person of interest and even the surroundings (it is not necessary to have a human being as a person of interest, which is why I emphasize to what I understood)
    To better understand I suggest having a tour in history.
    Too many years ago Adam Smith said when the best result is achieved in a relationship person do that to its advantage and so long this belief has formed the basis for political and cultural relations.
    In the fifties or sixties AD professor John Nash said when the best result is achieved in a relationship the person do that to its advantages and his group advantages and is recognized in 1995. But I believe the person must do that is beneficial for him and his surrounding, and a part of our surrounding includes in our environment.
    According to what was mentioned I would like to evaluate these two processes (Smith and John theory) related to human behavior with their own time to explain the other part of effects of creation factors.
    When Mr. Smith released his theory the result was nothing just I or being selfish and in its large scale is the dictator that the first and second wars are the results of this insight.
    Let me add that human believes every-duration is affected on the event apparent during its time and after that. And if you look deeply you can see all effects of fundamental creation factors in these events sharply. For example the emergence of dictatorship can be justified by the impact of factors such as versatility, compatible and evolution. Because the great man like Buddha believed what we are is the conclusion of what we were.
    When John Nash said the best results come when the person do that has advantages for him and his group (me and you), the society is progressed to us from me and you but there was some kind of doubt in his insight therefor when they cooperated within a group they learned more to work in a group .
    I would like to explain more because I believe the human, himself, his surrounding, his person of interest, his surrounding or it would better to say himself, his group, his person of interest because if I had said himself and his group of person of interest maybe a big problem would happen and there was a probability of fighting. For example, there was probably sacrifice and the gradual destruction for the team. As nowadays we can see it.
    But when I say himself, his person of interest his surrounding it is near to peace and wisdom since his person of interest could be a membership of his group and the structure of person who cares about himself and his group and even his surrounding is more complete than the person who is treated based on other’s theory.
    Adam Smith said: himself (1)
    John Nash said: himself and his group (1) (2)
    I believe: himself, his person of interest, his surrounding
    If you look accurately you will see just in the third theory there is a rotational motion and if you look more deeply and pay attention to the electrons movement around the atom core you can see they intersect as a triangular. And if you review the geometry structure of the pyramids is made of four triangles and just because of this special structure any food does not spoil in it.
    And if you fill the triangular container with water the metals will not disturbed in it. And if you pay attention to the place factor you find out the reason of completion of each principal consist of three parts.
    Fortunately we live in an era the people are learning how to live in the third theory.
    The important thing is that nations are developing toward globalization and wanting the world without borderlines will be possible in the frame of third theory.
    It must be mentioned that the groups that are developing to the globalization their legal structure and more important than it their economic system is based on John Nash’s theory and probably this paradox in social behavior and executive rules will be troublesome. In my opinion if in economic theories the goods value is adjusted by the supply, demand and require then the probability of corruption and rent will be least.
    Fortunately because of evolution and other factor, the people have found out their own way, sooner or later the world will reach to that place, as a great man said no reach any hasty but the only way is going.
    Hope to live peacefully in the borderless and without war world.

    ▷ Grammar of Farsi , Arabic , English and German Languages
    ▷ The big idea collected: 6 Revolutionary idea that change the world By: Strathern, Paul (1940)
    About special and common relativity and quantum mechanic and newton rules in simple statement
    ▷ How to heal with color By : Andrews, ted
    ▷ Zoroaster’s Avesta
    About Zoroaster’s debt (well word, well deed, well thought)
    ▷ Buddhist religion
    About metempsychosis philosophy and Buddha words
    ▷ An inquiry into the nature and causes of the wealth of nations (1776) By: Adam Smith
    About wealth distribution by production where as personal profits in a suitable organization can cause profitable social results. But in theory of moral sentiments (1759) he reasons that to earn profitable social results it is necessary to sympathize. So some bodies (like: Joseph Schumpeter) objects his Theory.
    ▷ Game theory, differential geometry, and partial differential equations By: John Forbes Nash, Jr.
    Some parts of this theory is about kind of conversation in personal or group discussions so during the discussion conversation repeats by different items by both parties as a game and this repetition goes on to a balance
    ▷ My Battle By: Hitler, Adolf
    ▷ Die ersten und die letzten By: Galland, Adolf
    ▷ Die Jagflieger im zweith weltkrieg. By: Daroff, Anatoly
    Those Three last books approves manifestation of cumulative ideas and actings

  16. Catherine permalink

    Plants are sentient beings too!!! As is the Earth. Truth is, there can be no life without death; many vegan foods are from food industries which are horrendously cruel to insects, snails, marine life, the Earth itself. We all need to eat to live – other lives must die to become our food, wow, how humbling is that? Every conscious mouthful of food is a deep prayer of gratitude to the Earth for giving me life. In honouring the Earth I eat ORGANIC – this is the only cruelty-free diet in my opinion. Organic produce, mostly veg but including animal produce (from wonderful organic farms which do exist and need our support)! Boycotting animal products out of love for animals simply leaves animals in the hands of those who DON’T care – choose organic produce and you support animal, insect and plant welfare, respect for the Earth and greater health for you and your family x

  17. You are right there can be no life without death. We will all die. But what is important is choice and that we recognize that we have a choice. We can choose to kill animals or not to kill animals. Abstaining from the killing of animals aka eating them does not leave animals in the hands of those who do not care. Those animals are brought into existence for the soul purpose of slaughter. If we recognize that we do not have to slaughter animals then those animals will not be brought into existence. They will be in no one’s hands or mouths. I understand that you want animals to be slaughtered for you. And I understand that you think slaughter is not cruel. You are like most people trying to hang onto a tradition and finding any way to justify it when you have a choice not to eat a slaughtered animal. I am not boycotting animal products. I am choosing non-violence whenever there is a choice. You are making your choice. You are choosing slaughter for others when you do not have to. That is your choice. I choose not to slaughter animals. That is not only my choice, but it is also the choice of the animal as well. For I have seen them slaughtered and it is 100% crystal clear that they do not want to die that way. And since I believe in treating others the way I would want to be treated, I would not want to be slaughtered or to go through what I have seen them go through. I wouldn’t even want that for my dog. Therefore I will not ask it of them. Veganism is choice. And just because you can’t live a life free from all harm: does this mean that you should deliberately choose harm for others when a choice is presented to you? I can’t help it if I hit a stray puppy while driving. But I never would choose to hit that puppy on purpose if I can help it. When I have the choice not to hit the puppy , I will press my breaks and gently swerve to avoid. Even though I know I won’t always be able to avoid hitting an animal with my car- I will choose to avoid hitting them whenever I can. You can take control and choose not to harm. You have a choice. You are important and wonderful and the goodness inside you is just pressed down by the culture and I understand that. It’s good that you are thinking about these things because they are important. I wish you well.

  18. Catherine permalink

    Do you think plants want to die? Or insects or marine life? I do not separate the slaughter of animals from other life forms. ALL life is sentient and sacred to me, By choosing to eat we are choosing to slaughter LIVING BEINGS – I want to live so I choose to eat … It humbles me how many lives are taken for my life and how many living beings have died to support my home, diet, welfare etc. I choose to feel honoured rather than guilty. I am so honoured in fact that I feel moved to reallly make my life count on this wonderful Earth ~ after all my one life has cost thousands of lives; I must cherish every day and every moment of it and move in my community from a loving heart ~ I send you love and respect for your empathy for animals, along with my prayer that you and other animal lovers will also truly love plants and insects, and embrace the great sacred fabric of life and death which is the Earth with an open heart (go organic!) I hope my disagreement does not offend you and I am delighted that you are contributing to such an important conversation ~ “where does our food really come from?” amen to that x

  19. If you really care that deeply about plants you should know that it takes 41 million tons of plants to feed to the animals that are fed to humans. It takes way more plants to feed to animals that are fed to humans than it takes to simply feed plants to humans. So by not eating animals you would be saving tons of plants. As a vegan I do not plants but I do eat the produce of plants but not the plant itself. The tree still lives, the vine and the bush still live. The part I eat is the part of the plant that falls away that the plant itself picks off such as the apple or the berry or the tomato – and this is beneficial to the plant for it carries the seed and is meant to be eaten by other animals. That is desired by the plant. It is never desired by an animal for me to pick off its wing or breast or to take its baby away so I can drink the breast milk. As for organic yes I eat organic. It is never required to eat an animal to eat organic. I understand that you do not want to feel guilty. That is a horrible feeling. But nothing is as horrible as sending an animal to its death in a slaughterhouse when we do not have to. So you do have a choice and that is what I hope people will see because most people don’t realize they have a choice. Our culture causes people to believe that they can’t live without sending animals to slaughter. But we can so I hope people can make choices based on this – that regardless of anything else – that in this one thing they do have a choice: To slaughter or not to slaughter.

    • News flash people. The vegetables and fruits you buy were cultivated and harvested by human beings. Most of these human beings are not paid a living wage or treated fairly. Cutting eating animals out of the equation is a start, but….to really eat cruelty free…requires more than just saying no to food that is tainted. It would require…producing food without cruelty to anyone…especially to those that produce it . We need to eat to live and therefore owe those that provide us with what we need to survive to dignity they deserve.

  20. Yes that’s why it is good to buy from your local farmers if you can and grow your own if you can. Vegan means choice. When there is a choice not to do harm, choose that.

    • jen permalink

      That is my point. The average person does not have a lot of choices. Or information. When you buy tomatoes in the store, they don’t say “picked by someone who earned $40 for a 10 hour day” on them. Even local farms use “seasonal” workers. We all get more choices when we demand them. If we don’t have the information, then we don’t demand anything better. And the food industry wins, again.

  21. Exactly! And I agree with you! And the one choice we can make is not to buy animal products. From there we continue our quest: We ask about the produce. We make the best choices we can. There is always more work to be done. And it’s a good and powerful work. I live right across the street from the seasonal workers. I see how they live and what their lives are like and interact with them. I’m very lucky to live across the street from that farm. Knowledge is choice is power is change. So continue to ask the questions and to purchase the best choice – that is a wonderful thing. Your points are excellent!

  22. All of the above are human beings, all equally deserving of life and freedom and love.

    Nazi’s Versus Jews

    Did you mean to be so offensive and cruel to literally millions of Holocaust victims and the even bigger group of those that suffered the loss of loved ones and significant proportions of their family and relatives.

    Your cruelty free message is great one that you have tainted and lost credibility with when you equate Nazi’s with loving human beings equally deserving as peace loving world contributing peopl like the Jews.

    Gays and Straights , sure
    Blacks and whites , sure

    But Nazi’s and Jews how bloody and cruel to slip that one into a cruelty free blog. Please remove that clearly Jew hating inference or add similar examples to show you are not making a Jew hating jibe like:
    Axe murderers and Priests
    Rapist and rape victims
    Pedophiles and babies
    Terrorist Bombers and victims of terrorism

    Are all equally deserving beings

    • You’re confused. Nazi’s did not believe Jews had rights. Many people have thought that straight people have rights but gay people do not. And in the United States White people did not feel Black people had Whites. All of these examples are exactly the same. One group of people who believe they have rights and that another group of people do not have those same rights. There is no difference in the mindset. A victim is a victim no matter who the victim is. And a victimizer is a victimizer no matter the mindest. We can replace each one of the examples with ‘victimiszer versus victim’ for it is all of the same mindset from which atrocity springs forth.

      • I understand the simple point you make about ‘victimizer versus victim’
        The confusion/offense is caused when you make the following statement below the listed groups whose constituents are:

        Nazis, Jews, Whites, Blacks, Whites, Gays and Straights

        You state applying to ALL of these constituents including Nazis :
        “All of the above are human beings, all equally deserving of life and freedom and love.”

        “Nazis are human beings, equally deserving of life ,freedom and love” ?????

        Why not also say
        “Axe murderers are human beings, equally deserving of life ,freedom and love”
        “Pedophiles are human beings, equally deserving of life ,freedom and love”
        “Rapist are human beings, equally deserving of life ,freedom and love”
        “Terrorist Bombers are human beings, equally deserving of life ,freedom and love”

        The Law alone tells you that none of these heinous category groups are deserving of Freedom

        Your post remains offensive while your layout categorizes Nazis as “human beings, equally deserving of life ,freedom and love – capable of remaining Nazi’s and adopting your point that no human is less deserving of life and freedom and love from another

        Nazi’s are by definition hideous supremacists that commit(ted) despicable atrocities
        In today’s equivalent you might list Islamic Extremists.
        – if they Nazis subscribed to the point that no human is less deserving of life and freedom and love from another they would not be Nazi’s; While it is still possible for all other groups in your list to subscribe to your point that no human is less deserving of life and freedom and love from another and remain true to their identifying traits.

      • Oh I see the typo. I’ll fix it.

  23. Typos and mistakes in writing happen and they are easily fixed. I’ll comb through my other posts and look for mistakes in those as well. It’s been on my list of things to do for some time now. Thanks!

    • Comb through your other posts for any reference to Nazis and Jews in the same sentences ; that should do it for the typos and mistakes that I or anyone else reading your posts would expect.

      Your overall respect for life and not looking the other way is admirable and I believe you mean to extend it to sensitive/painful issues.

      • I never look the other way no matter who it is from the ant to all of the people I have never met. I make mistakes in writing but I fix them. Those mistakes are not a reflection of how I treat others. They are a reflection of my inexperience with writing.

      • Looking away is easy; looking deeply into the realities of what the glazed over eyes of the consumers conveniently ignore is met with a lot of pressure to be silenced and stopped.
        Consumers are prone to forget or alter the truth to maintain there way of life and have others adopt it as a kind of validation of their own apathetic approach. This suits big business perfectly who can profit greatly from inhumane treatment of animals and cruel disregard for the environment.
        Thank you for writing on the confronting issues behind what we eat.

        Re my own blog – I am not ready to write my own blog and when I do it is likely to be on an even more sensitive area that involves people looking away and vehemently defending their stance with principals; I wont mention the specific topic on this forum as I believe the focus on this forum is very important and should be maintained.

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